Lion Hydraulics is a leader in providing Value Engineered Hydraulic Solutions.
We are pleased to provide the below services and support solutions to our valued customers.

Custom Cylinder Design


Need assistance with a difficult application? Give us a call and one of our in-house technical support specialists will provide you with the design solution you need to move your project forward. For more information on customization please click here.

Design Automation and Prototyping


Lion Hydraulics is investing in technology and developing systems that target rapid prototyping to keep your project on track. For most designs, we can provide you with a working solid model, cylinder approval print and a quote all at once. Inquire about our Design Automation Support Solution today!

Value Engineering Value Added


With a commitment towards cost reduction, quality improvement and design for manufacturability, you can expect continuous improvement supported by an entire team of Product Development Engineers and a compliment of state-of-the-art testing equipment.

State-of-the-Art Technology


With expertise and engineering support in specialty applications like cushioning, rephasing or smart cylinder design, Lion Hydraulics has the right product for your application.

Innovative Product Enhancements


Never satisfied with the norm, Lion Hydraulics continually looks for the next innovations in hydraulic cylinder design and performance. Lion Hydraulics has developed industry solutions like Lion1000 corrosion resistant shafting to keep our products on the cutting edge to offer maximum value to our customers.

Standard Product Inventory


Are you spending time waiting for shipments to arrive? With thousands of our standard Tie Rod and Welded products in stock, odds are we have what you’re looking for available and ready to ship. And with many of our standard products designed to be configurable into different port types, orientations and colors, it’s a safe bet we have a standard solution that can work for you.

Reliable Logistics Support


With a compliment of competitive freight programs and carriers, Lion Hydraulics provides responsive and reliable logistical support and service. With stocking warehouses across North America, we can provide product to your door quickly and competitively.

On Time Delivery


One of Lion Hydraulics’ most important deliverables is striving for 100% on time and 100% order fulfillment. Like with many systems, communication and response time is critical, which is why we have dedicated team leaders devoted to reaching this goal week in and week out.

World-Class Customer Service


Lion Hydraulics strives to provide the very best in customer support. Our Customer Service Specialists, Technical Support Team and Field Sales and Service Representatives are trained to provide the solutions you need. Call us today to receive the World-Class service you deserve.