Cylinder Customization

LION Hydraulics offers a wide range of customization features in tie rod and welded cylinders, some of the common features are:

  • Bore size
  • Stroke length
  • Retracted length
  • Rod size and material
  • Port options
  • Cylinder base and rod end connections
  • Rod clevis size/ type
  • Cylinder pin size/ type
  • Bushings & Spherical bearing
  • Rephasing design available in welded cylinders
  • Cushioning design available in the welded cylinders
  • Feeder tube and valve block options in welded cylinders
  • Paint color


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For further customization/product information contact your local LION hydraulics sales representative or contact us directly:
Telephone 204-786-7921
Toll free 1-800-665-0247
Fax 204-889-9120

Customized Cylinder
Customized Cylinder
Customized Cylinder
Customized Cylinder