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Quote Requirements

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Quotes: What we need to be able to provide you with the most accurate and quickest quote turnaround

In today’s fast paced environment, swiftness and accuracy on quotes are critically important. As a potential new customer, there are things you can do to help us give you the quickest and most accurate quote turnaround. Foremost in this is providing us with the information we need as follows:

1. Drawings and solid models: Submit your casting drawings and your solid models. Both are important, but for different reasons. Solid models allow us to quickly and accurately estimate casting weights as well as determine tooling requirements and layouts. Drawings are also needed as this is typically the only place where tolerances, standards and special requirements are spelled out. Ideally, we would like to see both. Solid models can be submitted in SolidWorks or ProE files, however we can also accept STEP and IGES files. Drawings can be submitted in PDF, JPEG or TIFF formats.

2. Material type and grade: Must be included in the quote request, preferably on the drawings.

3. Casting weight: If the casting is already in production, please provide the actual current casting weight (after shot blasting, degating and grinding but before any machining takes place). If this is a new part, please provide us with your casting weight estimate.

4. Standards and tolerances: Ensure that we receive copies of all the standards, tolerances and specifications that you expect and/or reference on your drawing. Understanding these is crucial to a successful quote, sample submission and production run. These items need to be reviewed before we quote, not during sample preparation.

5. Annual Quantities: We need to understand your estimated annual requirements (both starting and fully ramped up) as well as your expected order sizes.

6. Sample, PPAP or ISIR requirements: Without further instructions, Monarch will assume and quote sample prices which include a full dimensional report on one part from each cavity, a material test certificate for the parts and verifying casting soundness for each cavity by sectioning parts. Any further requirements should be communicated to us.

In addition to the above, some other considerations are:

1. Existing tooling: If you would like us to quote using already existing tooling, we need to receive a detailed tooling description that includes: pattern size, number of impressions on the pattern, core box type and size along with the number of impressions on each corebox and overall condition or age of tooling. Photos are a big help!

2. Machining requirements: Are you looking to purchase the part fully machined? If so, please let us know this and provide machined part prints along with any further standards, tolerances and specifications.

3. Painting requirements: If you are looking to receive the part painted, we need to know your paint requirements/expectations. Again, paint standards and specifications are needed.

4. Domestic or offshore: Are you looking for a domestic casting source/price or would you consider either a blended program or fully offshore program? Please let us know, keeping in mind that offshore sources may not always be priced lower and almost always require longer lead times.

If you keep the above points in mind when submitting your request for quote, Monarch will be best able to provide swift and accurate quotations for your raw or machined casting needs.