Job ID:

Cylinder Assembly Technologist

Job Description:

The Cylinder Assembly Technologist takes ownership of the cylinder assembly process, relentlessly improving operator safety, product quality, plant productivity and cost elimination. A project-based, team approach is required to create and update standard operating procedures, ISO 9001 work instructions and all of the required tools, fixtures, programs and gauges. A hands-on collaborative approach for designing and implementing assembly tools and processes is required.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Assess current practices and processes through various methods including listening, observation, time studies, analysis of data and products.
  • Work closely with others to determine performance gaps and identify opportunities for improvement and formulate solutions.
  • Once approved, implement solutions through direct implementation, such as fixture design and implementation, or through documentation and training of best practices.
  • Develop, deliver and validate training programs to improve productivity throughout machining, welding and assembly operations.
  • Work closely with vendor representatives to improve tooling and processes.
  • Participate in and sometimes lead Continuous Improvement initiatives and programs.
  • Conduct all activities and execute all duties with enthusiasm and a positive, results-focused attitude.
  • Support company initiatives and policies enthusiastically.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Job Requirements:

Education / Experience Required:

  • Ideal candidate will possess a Mechanical Engineering Technology or Manufacturing Technician diploma.
  • Several years of hands-on work experience in assembly process.
  • “Lean Manufacturing” training, preferably at least a “Yellow Belt” level accreditation.
  • Training or education in manufacturing and design systems required.
  • Applicants with equivalent education combined with applicable experience may also be considered.

Skills and Attributes Required:

  • Complete understanding of assembly processes.
  • Proficient in process improvements using mechanical solutions and best practice documentation and training.
  • Excellent communication skills, most important of which is effective listening skills.
  • Pragmatic approach to problem solving.
  • Highly motivated, self-starter.  Demonstrated ability to adhere to tight schedules with minimal supervision.
  • Proficient with solid modeling applications, ideally Solidworks.
  • Proficient with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other common applications.

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