Custom Castings

Monarch Industries’ foundry is registered to both the ISO 9001 - 2015 Quality System Standard and the ISO 14001-2015 Environmental System Standard.  Our grey and ductile foundry offers both raw and machined castings between 1 – 1,000 pounds as well as other value-added services such as painting, plating and heat treating through its many qualified partners.

From the moment we undertake a project with our customer, Monarch can assist with the final casting design, recommendations for pattern and molding method and help to determine the best possible solution for the customer to both reduce cost and improve the final product, whether raw casting or finished product.


One of Monarch’s areas of specialty is to work with our customers to convert current weldments or fabrications to finished castings.  The advantages of these conversions may include:

  • Cost reduction.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Dimensional stability using fillets, gussets, and varied thicknesses throughout.
  • A more engineered design and better aesthetics.
  • Cast in Logos and part information as required
  • Component inventory reduction.
  • Other ‘soft-cost’ savings may include.
    • Reducing in-house space requirements for manufacturing.
    • Less inventory space to store multiple components
    • Single point of acquisition
    • Reallocation of valuable manpower

Our Services



Monarch uses MAGMASOFT ® autonomous engineering to support all aspects of casting manufacturing including melting and metallurgy, pattern and core making, cleaning and repair
• optimization of gating design for improved cast iron cleanliness and surface quality
• positioning and size of feeders/risers eliminating shrinkage and porosity while maintaining high yield levels
• optimum cast iron chemistry, metal treatment and inoculation for prevention of critical phases during solidification and further metal cooling
• set-up of robust process conditions for reaching the required mechanical properties
• casting design features such as minimized risk of cold cracks and dimensional tolerances
• resource conserving heat treatment processes tuned to achieve the desired microstructure and the required properties


Pattern Services

Monarch specializes in the design and fabrication of CNC machined patterns and core boxes from the customer’s supplied drawing and solid model.
Tooling can be made from a variety of materials based on the part’s requirements.
• foundry board / plastics either milled or poured to shape (preferred)
• aluminum milled to shape
• iron produced at our own foundry
In addition, we can work with our customer to finalize a current design to apply ‘best practises’ to the final product.
If you are resourcing a current part from another foundry, Monarch can also work with your team to determine if the existing tooling can be adapted to use on one of our molding lines. If not, we will provide you with the best possible solution for new tooling.


Mold Lines / Production Methods

Monarch Industries Foundry produces iron castings in ductile, grey and Austempered ductile iron.
Monarch Industries manufactures castings using both Green Sand and No-Bake processes.
Green Sand:
• 1 B&P 32X30 Automated Molding Line
• 2 B&P 16X20 Automated Molding Lines
• 1 B&P 26X20 Automated Molding Line
• No-Bake - Medium to large flask handling line
Casting weights can range from less than 1 pound to as large as 1000 pounds.
Cores can be made using any of the following processes, dependent on the size, volume and dimensional requirements;
• Cold Box (Laempe)
• Shell
• No-Bake Air set