Highly Engineered

Challenges in today’s fast paced hydraulics environment involve modern solutions. Solutions, backed with the confidence of industry leading engineering and technical support. Monarch’s strategy for OEM solutions involve a “design for cycle life” approach, complimented by our strong engineering team.  Our highly engineered hydraulic cylinder designs meet these challenges head on and your team can have confidence the product will perform in your applications.

Our Highly Engineered Products and Services

Leading Edge Design and Engineering Services:


Robust Engineering:

Q: We aren’t cylinder experts. What support can you provide us with?
A: With an expert team providing a design and development leadership using a combination of experience, support of validation testing, and leading-edge technology we can provide robust engineering solutions and communicate with confidence to our customers.


Design for cycle Life:

Q: How do you add confidence to a new design?
A: We have developed an approach to cylinder design using predictive engineering tools and supported with a foundation of empirically based validation testing. This approach has a proven track record of success that offers confidence to our customers.


State of the Art technology:

Q: The time needed to bring a product to market matters. What can you do to assist us?
A: Our approach and integration of technology into the design phase can positively impact overall development costs and speed up the time from concept to full production. Validation lab support, FEA and design automation are just some of the tools accessible when you develop your application with us.

Experience Driven Design Solutions:


Integrated Control Valves:

Many applications demand safety or motion control solutions directly integrated into the cylinder design. We offer a wide range of experience and understanding on the functions and performance aspects of these elements specific to your industry are we are ready to assist!



Many applications require velocity control at the end of stroke in demanding hydraulic cylinder applications. We have the expertise, the systems and lab environments to support development of these complex systems and integrate them into the cylinder design.


Smart Cylinders:

With the demand for technology to assist equipment operators to work smarter, faster, more efficiently, the integration of linear sensing technology into cylinders has been the latest trend in cutting edge hydraulic cylinder developments. Ask us today how our experts how these technologies can benefit your application!