World Class Manufacturer


Monarch Industries is dedicated to World Class Manufacturing. This dedication resonates across all of our manufacturing and management systems which are designed to provide ongoing improvements and sustainable results. Our five Pillars of Excellence highlight what Monarch has built its business on and is evidenced by everything we do.

World Class

Technology and Innovation


Technology Integration:

With a focus on moving to a paperless factory, Monarch sets the bar high with innovative technology integration and real time visual systems supporting the production and planning cycles on the shop floor.


Manufacturing Automation:

Quality and consistency in process is applied using a practical approach to adopting automation into the manufacturing process within key areas of production.


Custom Assembly Equipment and Cleanliness control:

Monarch’s team has developed customized equipment solutions to support its assembly processes using state-of-the-art technologies.  Our focus is on a robust, clean, repeatable assembly process.  Traceability is built in to all of our manufacturing and assembly processes and procedures.


Quality Built In:

Quality is built into our products from day one, with a system focused on getting it right the first time.  Our custom OEM solutions start with a rigorous development process, matched to our production systems to provide the quality our customers demand.