Our People

Safety is First, Employees Matter Most

Monarch’s commitment to the safety or all our employees starts with our CEO and extends to the employee starting work on their first day.  Our safety culture is not just policies and slogans, it is infused in everything we do; it is the first consideration in every decision.  Safe premises, work centres, procedures, and conduct all add up to happy, healthy and engaged employees.

There is no objective more important or job so urgent that it cannot be done safely.    

Mitch Tetrault, Monarch Industries CEO


Proud of our People, Proud of our Quality

Our people are our strategic edge.  Our employees bring their ideas and initiative that creates Monarch’s innovation.  Our employees bring their commitment and pride that results in outstanding customer service and industry-leading quality.  Our employees bring their energy that infuses and propels our performance.


Teamwork is a key to Monarch’s success.  Teams of all sizes, whether within departments or across functional areas, are a big part of working at Monarch.  With everyone collaborating and contributing, we find a way to find a better way, overcome challenges and seize opportunities.  Teamwork at Monarch increases job satisfaction and personal accomplishment.


Diversity and Inclusion

At Monarch Industries we value people of all backgrounds who possess the talent and energy to drive our company forward. Everyone is welcome and that’s why we have great people. Our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion reminds us all that everyone belongs. We are greater when we are equal.