Quality Castings

Castings Product Quality

Our castings are manufatured in our foundry facility, that follow the main principles of World Class Manufacturing.  The Quality of our Castings are a top priority for us.  Included are some of the highlighted Quality measures we undertake to ensure our Castings are of the highest Quality and meet or exceed the needs of our customers.


Our Castings are manufactured using industry accepted methods, equipment, and trained staff, so that our products meet or exceed our expectations.

Gating Design and Simulation

Monarch Industries uses Magmasoft to provide a state-of-the-art unique integrated methodology of virtual experimentation and autonomous optimization to automatically run through various iron casting design and parameter combinations.

Benefits include:

  • optimization of gating design for improved cast iron cleanliness and surface quality
  • positioning and size of feeders/risers eliminating shrinkage and porosity while maintaining high yield levels
  • optimum cast iron chemistry, metal treatment and inoculation for prevention of critical phases during solidification and further metal cooling
  • set-up of robust process conditions for reaching the required mechanical properties
  • casting design features such as minimized risk of cold cracks and dimensional tolerances
  • resource conserving heat treatment processes tuned to achieve the desired microstructure and the required properties

Product Inspection

Monarch uses the following measures in the manufacture of our Castings:

  • First Article Inspection
  • In-Process Frequency Inspections, as defined by Foundry Engineering
  • Final Inspection, as defined by Foundry Engineering
  • Sample Inspection (in addition to Final Inspection), as defined by Engineering

Measurement Analysis

Monarch uses state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology to achieve extremely accurate measurements of all our products and / or sub-components, as well as various industry accepted measurement tools.


Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

Monarch uses the Advanced Product Quality Planning techniques, developed by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). These include:

  • Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (DFMEA)
  • Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
  • Control Plans
  • Flow Charts
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

Monarch uses the latest technology for PPAP project management and documentation.


In-Process Quality Controls

Monarch uses in-process quality controls within our casting operation to ensure the quality of our sands and metals meet the ASTM Materials and Grades, in addition to Product Quality. These include:

  • Chemical Spectrometry
  • Microstructure Analysis
  • Hardness Testing
  • Tensile Testing
  • Sand Testing
  • Carbon Equivalent Testing